Join Us/Requirement

1. Love the motherland, love the people, support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, obey orders and commands, and be willing to engage in security.

2. it mainly recruits retired soldiers (more than 5 years old) from special operations forces in each war zone (armed police), and transfers them to cadres independently.

3. The height is more than 175 cm, the weight is 70-90 kg, the body is symmetrical, the facial features are correct, and there is no tattoo.

4. Under the age of 32 (the age of 43 can be extended for cadres who choose their own jobs) and those who have experience in overseas security, international peacekeeping operations, international trade and international driving are preferred.

5. Quick thinking, strong ability of organization, coordination, communication, problem analysis and solution. English and Cantonese are preferred.

6. Good health, no major medical history, no history of infection.

7. No criminal record, no bad credit record.

8. Adapt to long-term overseas work.

9. Be able to use office equipment and office software skillfully.